Computer Science Projects

[ Personal/Side Projects ]

To The Beat

A web application that curates a playlist based on a tempo and adds it to a user's spotify account.

{ Python/Flask, Spotify API (OAuth), Javascript }

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SF Dispatches

A web application to represent various statistics, maps, and predictions about San Francisco Dispatch data.

{ Python/Flask, MongoDB, Google Maps API }

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An IMBD-type web application to represent data about dancers, companies, and performances.

{ Python/Flask, MongoDB, Javascript }

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Personal Website

A website for personal use. Displays various information about self, through static webpages.


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[ School Projects ]

iOS Mobile

An app to allow pet owners to connect with other pet owners and set up play dates using a Tinder-esque interface.

{ Swift, Firebase, Geofire, Koloda }

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Taking a basic Operating System and implementing necessary portions to make efficient.

{ C }

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[ Built at Events ]

Mobile Site

A mobile website to read barcodes at a store and automatically purchase them, deducting funds from your bank account.

{ Javascript, QuaggaJS, Google Maps API }

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Machine Learning

Generated a description based off a car's images and features, which are grabbed from the car's vin, and sent to custom API.

{ Deep Learning, CDK Vin API, Python, Docker }

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