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Georgina Garza is a recent graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, where she pursued the simultaneous majors of B.A. Dance and B.S.A. Computer Science. She soon will be moving to Seattle, WA to be a full-time Software Engineer for Stripe, with previous internships at JPMorgan & Chase and CDK Global. Her particular interests and experience fall under Web Development (Full-Stack), Mobile App Development (iOS & Android), and Machine Learning technologies.


Software Engineer

Beginning July 2020

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Software Engineering Intern

June 2019 - August 2019

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Software Engineering Intern

June 2018 - August 2018

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Personal Project - In progress

A web application that automates a dance audition process including sign-in, casting, and emails.

{ React, Python/Flask, GraphQL, MongoDB, Apollo, Graphene }

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Data Verification
Internship Project - Summer 2019

A web application to automate the verification of a data schema in an Excel file against an existing Oracle Database.

{ Angular, Java-Springboot, SQL/Avro }

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To The Beat
Personal Project - Summer 2018

A web application that curates a playlist based on a tempo and adds it to a user's spotify account.

{ Python/Flask, Spotify API (OAuth), Javascript }

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SF Dispatches
Personal Project - Spring 2018

A web application to represent various statistics, maps, and predictions about San Francisco Dispatch data.

{ Python/Flask, MongoDB, Google Maps API }

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Personal Website
Personal Project - Updated Spring 2020

A website for personal use. Displays various information about self, through static webpages


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Class Project - Fall 2018

A web application used for seeking non-profit organizations and opportunities.

{ Python/Flask, React, RESTful API }

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Hackathon Project - Spring 2018

A drag & drop style website that helps users create the backend of a website.

{ Python/Flask, Bootstrap, MongoDB }

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Personal Project - Fall 2017

An IMBD-type web application to represent data about dancers, companies, and performances.

{ Python/Flask, Spotify API (OAuth), Javascript }

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Tweet or Cheat
Class Project - Spring 2020

An game app for iOS and Android which has users guess which tweets are real and which are fake.

{ React Native, Firebase, GPT 2 }

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Points of Interest
Class Project - Spring 2020

An Android app to allow users to suggest and look for locations around them.

{ Kotlin, Firebase, Google Maps API }

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Class Project - Spring 2019

An iOS app to allow pet owners to connect with other pet owners and set up play dates using a Tinder-esque interface.

{ Swift, Firebase, Geofire, Koloda }

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Hackathon Project - Summer 2018

A mobile website to read barcodes and automatically purchase items, deducting funds from your bank account.

{ Javascript, QuaggaJS, Google Maps API }

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Company Hackathon - Summer 2018

Generated a description based off a car's images and features, which are grabbed from the car's vin, and sent to custom API.

{ Deep Learning, CDK Vin API, Python, Docker }

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Film Prediction
Class Project - Spring 2019

Classification of Films Based on Domestic Gross

{ Python, Jupyter Notebook, Darwin }

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Class Projects - Spring 2018

Taking a basic Operating System and implementing necessary portions to make efficient.

{ C }

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